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Part 2    Return of Captain Wylly
​  After many years of assuming their beloved Captain Wylly was lost at sea, the League of Protectors have moved forward with his vision and established the Human Division. With their first successful Earth Day celebration behind them, the team is ready to get back to normal when they discover the beacon – Captain Wylly’s beacon – blinking again! This amazing turn of events brings a renewed hope that Captain Wylly could still be alive.
     A cryptic message hidden in an old sailor’s song starts them on a quest to unearth the truth. Boe Eastman, leading a select crew, uncover a series of hidden clues they must solve that will take them on an amazing adventure. From their own Jewel, they eagerly venture to Saint Simons, Tybee Island, and beyond, to dig for answers along the way, and discover ancient secrets lost in time.
    By walking in the footsteps of Captain Wylly they discover a unique ship guided by the Northern Five. Following the counsel of Herbert, the wise white pelican, and the path of the dolphin, they must use their diverse talents, and follow the old sailor’s code to find the greatest missing treasure – Captain Wylly himself. 

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Part 1  Secret of the Jewel

    A brave sea captain and a band of amazing animals devote their lives to protect and beautify an Island that is also their home. Tragedy struck when this dearly loved Captain was lost at sea during a terrible storm. As hard as the animals try to keep the Island alive, they come to find that it will take the help of humans to succeed at their sworn duty. The search for the perfect candidates to fill the positions for the Human Division of the League of Protectors began long ago.
     On a day full of mystery, frustrations and strange feelings, destiny cannot wait any longer and takes control. After years of waiting the future of the fading Island now lay in the balance. Will the humans respond in time to save the dying Jewel and restore it to its former glory?
    Boe Eastman, a park ranger for the State of Georgia comes face to face with his destiny while vacationing on Jekyll Island with his wife Nancy, an animal doctor. This Island held a special place within the hearts of Boe and Nancy and had become their second home. On the surface the Island looked to be normal, but little did they know what was going on behind the scenes. They learn about an entire league of elite animals that are working together to save their beloved home.
     After the strange encounter with a talking sea turtle, Boe and Nancy find themselves involved in a surprising new world of heroic animals. Answering the call of duty, they both join this elite league of protectors and embark on a whirlwind adventure to help protect the secret of the jewel. They will find hidden passages that help them travel underneath the Island undetected to a Top-Secret command center.
     Assisting these brave humans on this quest are the dependable Major Mahi, a sea turtle, the clever raccoon, Captain Rufus, comical seagull Captain Eugene, and lead by the strong and wise deer, General Franklin. These few lived by a code that was established long ago by Captain Wylly, who was lost at sea during a horrible storm. Captain Wylly lived by the words, "To live is a gift, to protect life is an honor" and this remains to this day the code and belief that every member of the LOP holds dear.
     Together with the entire League of Protectors, Boe and Nancy work to save the jewel, and ensure it will be safe for years to come. With the spirit of Captain Wylly, the League both human and animal divisions will fight to bring the glory back to the once Grand Jewel, Jekyll Island.
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