Who are We?

Seth, Nissa, Hannah, Ryan, Alyssa

     It's quite simple, we are a small family doing our part to change the worldOur goal is to provide increased family community stewardship opportunities. Armed with a passion to protect our coastal resources, we were determined to make a difference in our natural world. Starting small, we began with just the five of us picking up litter on the roads and beaches of Jekyll Island.  
     We quickly discovered that Education is the key to change and is the language that fuels the change our environment desperately needs. Just as those who shared their knowledge with us, we too are eager to share what we have learned. We continue to take advantage of any opportunity to learn and The more we learn, the more we are driven to share.
     As the project began to pick up speed, we found it overwhelming to tackle alone. We soon understood the value of reaching out to locals and professionals for advice & help. We desired to remain neutral when it comes to politics and have no political affiliations, however we were eager to partner and work alongside anyone who desired to protect our wonderful environment.  Little did we know the response would lead to a family of community volunteers that we would welcome us with open arms. We are proud to become a part of such a wonder group of people. 
     Thanks to the partnerships with these like-minded organizations and volunteers, our adventure has become successful. Over the past two years our lives have been very exciting and we have been recognized with many awards, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful- Environmental Stewards of the Year, Keep Georgia Beautiful- Litter Prevention, Rivers Alive - Club of the Year, Keep Brantley beautiful and Litter free - recognition of efforts to protect waterways and coatal resources, and One Hundred Miles - Top 100 - Next Generation.
     We never started this project to win awards. To be honest, we never knew that awards were given for performing the duty of tending and keeping our wonderful planet earth. Although we are very greatful for the recognition, Following the instructions found in Genesis 2:15 has been our goal and the honor of fullfilling this duty has been rewarding enough. 
About the Author :
Ryan K. Hall
       I was born and raised in the great state of Georgia about 3 hours west of Jekyll Island, in the small rural town of Eastman. My family would attend the Feast of Tabernacles on Jekyll Island with the World Wide Church of God every year for ten wonderful days.
     As a child I was fascinated by the thought of leaving the mainland and crossing over a bridge into a new world surrounded by water. I loved seeing the life that called this Island home. I was amazed at the deer, raccoons, and seagulls that bravely came to investigate the humans looking to get a meal. I remember nights helping these amazing animals out while having dinner at the Huddle House. My brothers and I would save french fries from our plates and feed the hungry raccoons in the parking lot.
     Over the years Jekyll Island grew as part of our family. Its life blended with ours and I could never image life without this Jewel. One of my fondest memories concerning Jekyll as a child was during playtime in kindergarten. I took three blocks and stood two of them on edge and placed the third one on top, connecting the two. I was sitting alone just staring at them and smiling. My teacher approached and asked, “What is this and why does it make you so happy?” I simply answered, “This is the bridge to Jekyll Island.”
     Jekyll Island is a joy that should be shared by all and it is our responsibility to keep it and share it’s experience with everyone. After 37 years, my family and I still attend the Feast of Tabernacles on Jekyll Island. I have shared my childhood memories with our three children, and now they are gaining new ones to pass along to their children one day. My family shares a bond with this Island and we desire to do our part in conserving and preserving this great Jewel of Georgia.

    After seeing the need for community volunteers, my wife, Nissa, and I decided to bring The League of Protectors to life and answer the call to help our coastal ecosystem. This also would provide the perfect opportunity to set an example for our children. Every bit helps, no matter how small..
    This book was just a small effort to give back the joy Jekyll Island has given us. Life is truly a gift, and we are honored to help protect it!