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Set sail on an adventure of a liftime. Your invited to join the League of Protectors as they take upon their sworn duty to save their home, Jekyll Island. Enter a world full of excitment and unexpected friendships. Prepare yourself to be amazed at what you can accomplish when you work together. In Part 1, Learn the Secret of the Jewel and of beloved Captain Wylly who started it all, but was lost at sea many years ago.
Continue in Part 2 where you will discover that Life on Jekyll Island is never boring and a new adventure awaits around every corner. Listen for the ocean's call as the voice of Captain wylly washes ashore with each crashing wave. follow the clues as you travel all over the coast of Georgia, and beyond. Take your place as part of the crew and embark on a special quest to find their long lost Captain. Follow the clues, solve the riddles, and help bring Captain Wylly back home to the Jewel,  Jekyll Island. 

"To Live is a Gift, To Protect Life is an Honor."

Captain Wylly

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